Michelle Jones is an internet generalist. She blogs, writes copy, serves as project manager on digital projects, builds WordPress, Squarespace and plain old HTML & CSS powered sites, invents and directeds* mobile and web applications. She's got that whole social media thing down with Twitter being her favorite of the lot.

She digs music, photography, reading and baking. She loves Louisville more than just about anyone and runs an award winning blog about the city called Consuming Louisville. She is the creator of the Louisville Made project. Sometimes she blogs on personal topics.

Most recently Michelle was the community manager for ThinkUp. She is currently looking for freelance projects Want to talk about a project? Email mj at this domain.

*John Gruber is listed as being the Director of the mobile app Vesper. This is the best job title I've found for being the person who imagines a mobile or web app and then brings it to life from her imagination without necessarily designing or coding it herself.